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13 Sleeps until the holidays! Kids and Teens with Lara Compton

Posted By HMSA Social Media Coordinator, July 6, 2018

My eldest met her new teacher yesterday, I must admit, it’s made me feel quite nervous – having to go through all of her needs again in September. And she’ll be in Year 6, so we’ll have to tackle the residential too.

These are only my fears, my daughter is as happy as Larry – so we must be doing something right.

She has a care plan, which is up to date, and I’ll definitely be ordering some more of the HMSA booklets for educators, particularly, as now our youngest has been diagnosed with hypermobility by my GP too – we already knew of course, it’s just formal now.

Both girls got glowing reports, and what struck me is their determination to keep going, despite the odds. I’d imagine that most of our children and young people come under that bracket, as do we as parents. Sometimes, I think we all play down this determination, as it becomes our normal – but I’d like to recognise it, in all of us today – well done all of you for keeping going through pain, injuries, exhaustion, hospital appointments, disappointments, and so much more!

And for now, we are going to continue counting down the days until we can turn off our alarms!! 13 sleeps for us! Woohoo!

– Lara Compton – Social media volunteer

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