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The HMSA’s ‘Giving GPs the Tools’ Campaign! – Lost Childhood

Posted By Donna Wicks, December 2, 2017

Why we do, what we do.  #helpustohelpyou

(How long did it take me? I was diagnosed at 54. I had pain all my life but I have only just been told what was wrong with me.)

This 10 year journey sees our members feeling dismissed by medical professionals, who have no understanding or little knowledge, of what can often be complex and multi-systemic conditions. There is little training for medical students on the subject and post qualification training may not cover heritable disorders of connective tissue or hypermobility spectrum disorders.

(No-one believed me. They said it was all in my head! But I knew it isn’t normal to have pain all the time! I feel so angry…)

To read more about the work that the HMSA is taking on for the benefit of all who are already diagnosed and those yet to get a diagnosis of one of the hypermobility related disorders it supports please visit

If you wish to donate via JustText text HMSA13 to 70070 and the amount you wish to donate either £5 or £10. Thank you for your support.

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