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Blogged by Debbie Hardwell – Pain

Posted By HMSA Social Media Coordinator, September 1, 2017
It literally is a pain!
We are all different in how we manage it and there is not necessarily a right way – it is what works for you. Medication is not always the solution; sometimes it is adapting how the mind and body reacts to that pain and learning to recognise to stop before falling down the hole and then having a big climb back out.

I am never sure if it is unfortunately or fortunately that for me, the only thing available to me is Paracetamol. I have intolerances to other pain relief. This has left me with the option of it being about how I manage the pain.
In the early days of my diagnoses, I was on a mission to fight the pain, and push through barriers, I would show it who was boss! But in reality this was not so, for all I was doing from this approach was exhausting myself and having several episodes of boom and bust.

Through my learning of Pain Management I have learnt to tap into the pain, acknowledge it and to accept it. Rather than push through, I will recognise what my pain levels are at and how much my body can cope with today.
I have always been a planner and that now helps me through. I look at what I’m going to be doing, how long can I do it for, and will it need several attempts. If I look at the garden as an example, I am unable to do to the bigger tasks, but give me a seat and some pots and I can sit and make them look pretty. It is even possible to sit and prune roses. Depending on how I’m feeling I may only do 10 minutes, another day I may manage an hour. You have to start listening to your body and tuning it to what it feels like it can cope with today. In the past I may have thought 10 minutes! It’s not worth it!, but it is worth it. Anything that encourages us to keep moving and to get enjoyment is always worth it. It also means you are not giving up – you can still live with pain and have a happy life.

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