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Posted By Donna Wicks, October 1, 2012

The Forum Rules * Please note registration is separate from your HMSA membership.

Before you use the link on the left to enter our forums. Please familiarize yourself with the rules.

First of all may I welcome you to the forum. We are a friendly bunch here (well most of us ) and we don’t have many rules – but the ones we do have are strictly enforced!!

Admin/mods are here to help. Please do not enter into public dispute on open forum. You are most welcome to pm the HMSA Admin Team or Rosie with any concern.

Please bear in mind that the forum has members of all ages including young children and more vulnerable adults too. Language and topics (particularly in unlocked, public areas) should reflect this.

Users should note that there is nowhere on the HMSA forum suitable for discussion of suicide or self harm. We all understand the feelings and issues that can come from living with HMS but this forum is a place for all HMSers, carers, friends and family to give and receive help and advice on HMS related issues. This is not the right forum and we do not have the expertise to help people with depressive, suicidal or self harming issues and this rule is essential as we do have young and vulnerable members. The rules are site wide and apply to all including Moderators and Administrators.

The HMSA forum is organised in a specific way to make it easier to find information. We ask members to add on to existing threads whenever possible, and to keep each thread about a single subject. The exception to this is the ‘Introduce Yourself’ section where each new member is welcome to start their own thread.


Keep titles informative – Please give some indication in the title of your post of the nature of the content. ‘Newbie please help’ sounds cute but isn’t very helpful to the reader. In addition other users will search the posts for information and a helpful title makes their search easier.

Use the search facility – If you are looking for information try using the search facility before posting a new topic or question – most issues have been discussed previously and further discussion on the subject should be kept to existing topics. Tips on using the search facility can be found here.

Post in the most appropriate forum – Please try and post your message in the most appropriate forum. If you’re not sure, make an educated guess, and if it would be better in another forum a mod will move it.

Keep on topic – Please try to keep on topic. If you want to bring up another point it may be more sensible to start another thread or take the conversation to a more relevant topic.

Keep text easy to read – Proper paragraphs are easier to read than a few words on each line. Bright coloured text, moving images and block capitals are also difficult for those with vision impairments to read, darker colours (or the default) less so.

Please keep posts relevant – please don’t post just for the sake of posting, this takes up precious space, adds no value and makes searching/reading more difficult for new users.

Remember – Most of the forum is public and can be viewed by anyone using the internet so please bear your own safety in mind and don’t post your full name or email address, or be too specific about about your location in public areas of the forum (only Personal & Sensitive, Local Groups and The Dungeon are locked).


Create multiple accounts – One member = one username. Each member should have only one username and each username should have one user, unless specific permissions have been authorised by moderators/site admin.

Name medics – No medical person should be named on the forum, other than the HMSA Advisors and those listed here. If you know the name of a physio/specialist etc near to you that someone has asked about then please PM the name to them. This is for legal and privacy reasons. HMSA Advisors are: Prof. Rodney Grahame, Prof. Howard Bird, Dr Alan Hakim, Prof. William Ferrell, Professor Aziz, Dr Tim Jenkinson and Sue Maillard, Jane Simmonds, Rosemary Keer (Physio), Dr Jacqui Clinch, Charmaine Bernie and Alice Morgan. Other professionals who have given their permission to be mentione don the forum are Dr Pauline Sen, Dr Helen Cohen, Dr Roger Wolman, Dr Hanna KazKaz, Dr Helen McIlver and Dr Brad Tinkle. Also Isobel Knight.

Cross post – Don’t cross post (i.e. post the same topic in multiple forums). Not only does this make answering the post confusing it increases the size of the database and hence the hosting costs.

Post links – Only post links that meet our Information Standards guidance. If you are not sure, please contact Rosie

No offensive language – We do not, under any circumstances, tolerate swearing or offensive language. Children use these boards and so we expect you to behave appropriately.

Overuse emoticons – Too many emoticons in a post makes the post more difficult for those with vision problems to read.

No Advertising – There is strictly no advertising on this forum – if you want to promote your business, sell emu oil or similar please do it elsewhere.

No aggression – Please try not to be inflammatory or aggressive in your interactions with other users of the boards. You may be in pain, have had a bad day and generally feel frustrated but be considerate towards the feelings of others.

Under no circumstances should medication dosages be mentioned on the forum. All users must consult their own medical practitioner before changing their medication in any way. Please note this includes vitamins and other supplements and alternative remedies.

Everyone is different, HMS affects us all differently – whilst it is helpful to share experiences please remember you are an individual.

The HMSA reserve the right to publish any feedback received on the site, forum or merchandise.

Finally – nothing on these boards should be taken as constituting medical advice. Except where clearly indicated, the users of the boards are other individuals with HMS and opinions expressed on this board are those of the poster. Such opinions should never replace the advice of your own doctor.

Happy posting!


The information provided by the HMSA should not take the place of advice and guidance from your own health-care providers. Material in this site is provided for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to check with your doctor before making any changes in your treatment plan. Articles were last reviewed by our Medical Advisors as being correct and up to date on 5th June 2004.

Please be aware that information posted on the discussion boards is the opinion of the authors and has not necessarily been approved or endorsed by the medical advisors.
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