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Fundraising Team roles.

Posted By Donna Wicks, August 10, 2016

The Hypermobility Syndromes Association is currently looking to recruit several ‘Fundraising Support Volunteers’ to create a close-knit and dedicated team, viagra specifically to support the fundraising efforts of the charity, remedy whilst also being part of a larger volunteer pool and to feel part of the wider organisation.

Any individual must be self-motivated, diagnosis dedicated and organised – being able to work as a team or on their own projects.

The HMSA is grateful for any volunteers who show the right attitude and qualities that the charity looks for generally, however we appreciate finding spare time isn’t always easy, so it is anticipated these roles would take between 2 and 5 hours a week.

The roles will include a general fundraising overview (to be able to offer cover and continuity in absenteeism of colleagues) but will largely consist of one of the below specific areas:

1) Co-ordinating Fundraising Volunteers
Dealing with fundraisers in the build-up to and after their events.
Arranging of fundraising packs.
Making sure information reaches social media channels.
Ensuring fundraisers are properly supported and thanked.

2) Fundraising Media (including social media and website changes)
Working in conjunction with the social media volunteers to ensure fundraisers, events and ‘Business Friends’ / associates of the charity are properly advertised.
Highlight specific fundraisers for special / specific media exposure in conjunction with other volunteers.
Ensuring website sections are kept up-to-date.

3) Business Friends
Sourcing new ‘Business Friends’ for the charity.
Writing bespoke agreements for the same.
Maximising the income potential.
Keeping track of on-going donation totals and ensuring Business Friends and suitably thanked.

4) Managing Ways to Donate
Finding and managing different services in which the charity and charity’s membership and can donate and /or raise funds for the organisation on and on-going basis
Managing and maximising existing services such as ‘Give as you Live’.
Working with the accountancy teams to ensure sums received reconcile across the various platforms against bank statements.


For an informal chat about these roles please email giving your telephone number so that he can call you back. If you would like an application form please email


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