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#HelpUsHelp – GP Tools, There is always *something* that can be done, so we’re doing something about it.

Posted By FLICK MCLUCKIE, November 30, 2017

It’s time! The HMSA are delighted to finally launch our “Giving GPs the Tools’ Campaign.

In this video, our Youth Patron and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder Ambassador, Hannah Ensor describes the importance and impact of this new project.

We know it can take years for patients with hypermobility related health problems to receive a diagnosis, often due to their General Practitioners belief that ‘there’s nothing we can do anyway’. With no diagnosis they’re unable to access appropriate support resources, so the patient becomes less and less well, before finally receiving a diagnosis or referral once their condition is out of control. All this only to find that much of the time the department to which they’ve been sent has no idea how to treat them.

There is always *something* that can be done, so we’re doing something about it.

We’re raising funds to develop and deliver GP resource packs providing Information Standard material to GPs, ensuring they’re made aware of the potential for hypermobility related health problems, of recent changes to terminology, that they understand the broad scope of the symptoms that can be associated with these conditions, how they can diagnose the more common disorders themselves, how these can be treated and the signs that suggest specialist help may in fact be needed. We’ll also be making sure that GPs are aware of the national and local #MSKnetworks resources available to them, and their patients.

When GP and patient work in partnership supported self management becomes a real and achievable solution, particularly when ongoing condition specific peer support is available. This reduces the load on the GP, on local walk in and emergency services, improves the patient’s quality of life and confidence that their condition is manageable. Everyone wins.

Of course, this is only the beginning of our efforts to improve front line support for self management… you can read more about the ‘HMSA Kent Model’ at

So, #HelpUsHelp – we want to reach everyone and this campaign will ‘prepare the ground’ for taking the Kent Model to pastures new, it’s in everyone’s best interests that we ensure the first health care practitioners most people access are not only #HMSAware, but confident providing appropriate support to enable their patient to improve their situation and manage their condition.

You can donate via text – JustText HMSA13 5 or HMSA13 10 (pounds) to 70770

To donate other amounts, or to read more in depth information about the campaign, visit our VirginMoneyGiving page:

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