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Hypermobility Clinics

Posted By Donna Wicks, October 2, 2012

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UK Hypermobility Clinics

At most hospitals ‘hypermobility’ is dealt with under ‘rheumatology’ for adults, and ‘paediatrics’ for children though there may be also be rheumatology service where children are seen. The following addresses are of hospitals where there is an established multi-disciplinary service in hypermobility that has been agreed with the hospital, and where the hospital has given permission for the HMSA to advertise the service. Much is being done to encourage interest and support the development of other rheumatology departments around the UK. The HMSA wishes to be inclusive at all times, and invites all specialist services to add their details to this directory at any time by contacting the charity office.

Children’s Clinic*

Sue Maillard
Hypermobility Clinic
Rheumatology Department
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Great Ormond Street

*Referrals to the Children’s Hypermobility Clinic at Great Ormond Street are by a Consultant only; no GP referrals will be accepted. Clinic is for children over 5 years of age. All children should be symptomatic of HMS and not referred due to relative’s diagnosis.

Adult Clinics**

Dr Hana Kazkaz
The Hypermobility Clinic
Department of Rheumatology
University College Hospital
3rd Floor
250 Euston Road
Professor William Ferrell
Centre for Rheumatic Diseases
Glasgow Royal Infirmary
G31 2ER
**Referrals to the Hypermobility Clinic at Glasgow Royal Infirmary must be made by a Consultant Rheumatologist only. Any patients being referred to this clinic must have a negative test result for anti-nuclear antibody and rheumatoid factor. If appropriate, onward referral to the paediatric clinic may be made by the clinic at GRI. Prospective patients must not contact the clinic directly. There is a very long waiting list due to the limitations of this clinic.


The Hypermobility Unit (Private. Adult / Adolescent / Child)***
The Hospital Of St. John and St. Elizabeth’s,
60 Grove Road,
St. Johns Wood,
***The Hypermobility Unit at St. John and St. Elizabeth’s is a private facility. You will need to contact the administrator on 02078064060 for details of cost and to book an appointment. The Unit accepts self-referral as well as referral from doctors and other health professionals, however if you are using health insurance please ensure your referral meets the insurers’ requirements and that you have the correct authorization/approval from them.

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