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Lists of professionals with an ‘interest in hypermobility’ or hypermobility services.

Posted By Donna Wicks, April 18, 2017

How to use this page.

In the past, we have concentrated on providing details of only UK specialist clinics or HMSA Medical Advisors, as recommendations for people to seek referrals to. However, HMSA members are clearly asking for details of professionals who are in their geographical area; who ‘may’ have had training, or ‘expressed an interest’ in hypermobility or have been ‘recommended’ by other service users and HMSA members.

The professional names we  list on this page are  NOT  officially recommended by the HMSA. We have no influence over medical, health and social care practitioners and therefore, are not liable for any care or advice given by professionals listed on this page.

It is also important to remember, that in the majority of (UK) NHS service providers, you cannot refer to an individual. It is normal procedure to refer to the department, rather than a named professional within that department.

It is also important to remember that some referrals to tertiary services (specialist clinics) need a consultant and not a GP referral. Where we know this to be the case, we have included the information.

It is also worth noting, that professionals tell the HMSA that the information on the referrals they receive are not in enough detail to enable the service or professional to make an informed decision as to whether to accept the referral. This is one of the reasons so many referrals are rejected. The HMSA will be providing guidelines in the Professional’s Section on how to write a referral in the next few months. This should help GPs (and other professionals), to make good quality referrals to services and practitioners, hopefully reducing the time that it takes for a successful referral.

This page will be updated monthly.

Members of the HMSA, and the wider public, can make suggestions of names and services who could be listed on this page by emailing with the following information; a) name of professional or service, b) department or discipline, c) full address and preferably an email address.

We are particularly interested in building up a list of services and professionals overseas due to our international reach and our overseas HMSA members.

The HMSA always asks professionals to ‘opt-out’ if they do not want to be listed in the public domain on our website, as having experience with, or an interest in hypermobility. There are a variety of valid reasons for professionals to ask to not be listed and we do our best to respect these as far as possible.

UK Hypermobility Clinics

At most hospitals ‘hypermobility’ is dealt with under ‘rheumatology’ for adults, and ‘paediatrics’ for children though there may be also be rheumatology services where children are seen. The following addresses are of hospitals where there is an established multi-disciplinary service in hypermobility, that has been agreed with the hospital, and where the hospital has given permission for the HMSA to advertise the service. Much is being done to encourage interest and support the development of other rheumatology departments around the UK. The HMSA wishes to be inclusive at all times, and invites all specialist services to add their details to this directory at any time by contacting the charity on

Children’s Clinic*

Sue Maillard
Hypermobility Clinic
Rheumatology Department
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Great Ormond Street

*Referrals to the Children’s Hypermobility Clinic at Great Ormond Street are by a Consultant only; no GP referrals will be accepted. Clinic is for children over 5 years of age. All children should be symptomatic of a functional hypermobility syndrome and not referred due to relative’s diagnosis of Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder or hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Adult Clinics**

Dr Hana Kazkaz

The Hypermobility Clinic
Department of Rheumatology
University College Hospital
3rd Floor
250 Euston Road
From May 2018 the Hypermobility Team currently based at The Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth is moving to
The Platinum Medical Centre, and is now called
The London Hypermobility Unit
The new website for the Unit will be available shortly at, in the meantime please visit
Level 3, The Platinum Medical Centre
The Wellington Hospital
15-17 Lodge Road
St John’s Wood

Professionals with an interest in hypermobility disorders (in geographical areas).


Name of Professional – Abi Johnson, Occupational Therapist,

Name of Service – ‘Occupational Therapy Essex’

Area; Brentwood, Essex



Contact number; 07903 085883

‘Professionally my areas of particular interest are handwriting, coordination and anxiety.’



Name of Professional – Serena Woolf, MA, BSc(Hons), MSTAT,

Name of Service – Alexander Technique Teacher,

Area; Folkestone, Kent


Member of ‘The HMSA & Kent Hypermobility Network’

‘Alexander Technique Teacher, specialising in chronic pain’





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Please be aware that information posted on the discussion boards is the opinion of the authors and has not necessarily been approved or endorsed by the medical advisors.
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