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Helping Others Understand

Posted By Alan Hakim, March 1, 2014

My friends and family don’t understand.

PositiveMsg-HMSABecause hypermobility syndromes are invisible to other people sometimes they don’t understand how you can look fine but complain of pain, tummy ache or tiredness. Try not to let it upset you because your parents, the HMSA, the doctors and other professionals do know that it isn’t always easy for you to cope.

Sometimes leaving some of the HMSA information around may help! I know a few aunts, uncles and brothers and sisters who have picked up HMSA information booklets and read them! They then are surprised at how you manage to cope so well! Try showing them this website as well.

Friends in particular can find it hard to understand. Don’t give up! Ask your parents and teachers to explain your condition to classmates or show them the information you have from the HMSA or from Hannah   . It can help to talk to your friends and it’s important that you keep your friendships even if you are struggling with school. Friends can really help make you feel better when you are going through a bad time.

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