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What is Hypermobility?

Posted By Alan Hakim, March 1, 2014

Target audience 5-11 yrs.

What is hypermobility?

Hypermobility is just a word used to describe how bendy or flexible you are. You may hear your doctors and other professionals working with you use it.  Lots of people are hypermobile or flexible and if you look around your classroom you will see other bendy children.

Being hypermobile or flexible is not always a bad thing. It can be an advantage in activities such as dance, gymnastics or music. Lots of sports and pop stars are hypermobile. Cheryl Cole and Michael Phelps are very flexible people and they are both hugely successful in their careers. This may even be the reason why you are very good at a sport or activity.

People can train to be hypermobile like ballerinas or swimmers or you can be born with it. If you are born bendy the chances are that one of your parents and even your brothers or sisters may be flexible too!

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