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The HMSA is a dynamic charity which provides a network of support groups throughout the UK. All our Group Leaders are trained and have clear DBS’s. The HMSA  is proud that our groups are recommended by many hospitals and individual professionals because of our positive ethos and the dedication of our Group Leaders.

The HMSA is highly skilled in providing active support groups and we have done so for many years. We are the only charity for all people with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (all sub-types), Marfan syndrome, Sticklers and Osteogenesis Imperfecta which holds the Information Standard. The Information Standard is an accreditation by NHS England on the quality of the evidence based information we provide and the HMSA has led the way for other charities for similar conditions to follow suit. The HMSA is proud to be a leader in this field and we continue to provide information which can be relied on.

We have a lot planned for next year (2014) in our Groups so why not think about coming along, having some support from other people with the conditions and learning how to effectively manage your condition on a day to day basis? Being part of a support network and attending groups can be a powerful tool to aid management. You and your family will be warmly welcomed to the groups.

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Anyone can attend a group before becoming a full HMSA member. Group Leaders can  help you to complete the membership process and provide you with the booklets and articles for your management toolkit!

There are details of some groups meetings in a locked section on the HMSA Forum. Please see the topic on access to locked areas.

Local groups and regional contacts are listed below, by area. Please note that we are governed by the Data Protection Act and, for this reason, we can only give out contact information regarding others with HMS in your area to individuals who are members of the charity and have agreed to do so and we only do so via Group Leaders at meetings.

If you would like to become a member simply click here and fill out a membership form.


Group leaders


East Anglia

Norfolk & Suffolk; Tabi Farrow norfolk@hypermobility.org 07882 320686.


East England

Bedfordshire; Emily Andrews bedford@hypermobility.org 07814 622753

Cambridgeshire; Hayley Raine-Diplock cambs@hypermobility.org 07590 544938

Northamptonshire; Jo Southall northampton@hypermobility.org 07507 894759

Northamptonshire; Caroline Richey northampton2@hypermobility.org 07791745734



Central London; Isobel Knight london@hypermobility.org 07947 475082

London; Tamar Balakjian london2@hypermobility.org 07787808724

North London; Laura Brody northlondon@hypermobility.org 0208 621 4014

South London; Sonia Baines southlondon@hypermobility.org



Birmingham; Alison Russell birmingham@hypermobility.org 0121 689 7565

Birmingham; Jenny Tate birmingham@hypermobility.org 07887 565412

Burton on Trent; Abi Wilshee burton@hypermobility.org 07455 341255


Northern England

Bolton; Kath Glover bolton@hypermobility.org 07883 486916

Cumbria; Susan Holmes cumbria@hypermobility.org  01900 821507

Cumbria; Becki Stott cumbria@hypermobility.org

Liverpool; Cara Reay liverpool@hypermobility.org

Manchester; Rose Marie Dawson manchester@hypermobility.org  0161 303 79632 / 07791 785086

Preston; Natalie Hicks preston@hypermobility.org 0844 887 2419

Rochdale; Catherine Eves rochdale@hypermobility.org 07777 692041

Teeside/County Durham; Naomi Vickers durham@hypermobility.org  01642 788030

Yorkshire; Jen Patchett harrogate@hypermobility.org


South Central England

Buckinghamshire; Kay Griffiths miltonkeynes@hypermobility.org  01908 677967

Hampshire; Julie Hyans hampshire@hypermobility.org

Isle of Wight; Vikki Thomas isleofwight@hypermobility.org


South East England
Brighton/West Sussex; Rosie Denham wsussex@hypermobility.org  01903 763706

Crawley; Carla Spear crawley@hypermobility.org

Kent; Poppy Wooldridge kent@hypermobility.org


South West England
Bristol; Cara Reay bristol@hypermobility.org

Devon and Cornwall; Abi Patrick plymouth@hypermobility.org  07879 286258

Exeter; Gemma Marshall exeter@hypermobility.org  01363 85664

Swindon; Jennifer Bruce swindon@hypermobility.org 07747 691649



Aberdeen; Sarah Peatfield aberdeen@hypermobility.org

Edinburgh; Lauren Munro edinburgh@hypermobility.org

Lanarkshire; Marion Dekeijser lanark@hypermobility.org



Cardiff; Angharad Slack cardiff@hypermobility.org


England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland Regional Contact
Catherine Eves localgroups@hypermobility.org



All HMSA Members can attend any HMSA Group Meeting. Non-members may attend one meeting before becoming full HMSA members. The majority of groups are advertised on the Local Group section of the HMSA Forum and on our official national HMSA Facebook page.

Each Local Group should have an additional open official HMSA Facebook page (official groups have the HMSA logo). The open Facebook page is open to all people but within that page there will be a closed group section for HMSA members only.

Can’t find a group in your area then why not start one? Just e-mail your regional contact (above) and we’ll have you up and running in no time!


The information provided by the HMSA should not take the place of advice and guidance from your own health-care providers. Material in this site is provided for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to check with your doctor before making any changes in your treatment plan. Articles were last reviewed by our Medical Advisors as being correct and up to date on 5th June 2004.

Please be aware that information posted on the discussion boards is the opinion of the authors and has not necessarily been approved or endorsed by the medical advisors.