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Videos on Hypermobility

Posted By Alan Hakim, June 9, 2013

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Hypermobility & PE is a video providing assessment and management strategies for hypermobility and hypermobility syndrome.  It is designed to be used by physical education teachers in collaboration with physiotherapists, doctors, nurses and other health professionals.

The link ‘HMSA Videos to Purchase’ will take you to our online shop where this video can be purchased.

Please be aware that in March 2017 there was a change in terminology that will not be reflected in this video.  These changes do not change the validity of the information and so we will continue to make this resource available.  For information regarding the new terminology, please see below:


The terminology relates to JHS and the Hypermobile variant of Ehlers-Danlos and changes from March 2017.

The following abbreviations will be used:

HSD= Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder

EDS = Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (variants abbreviated with a prefix lower case letter e.g. hEDS for Hypermobile, or cEDS for Classic)

HDCT = Heritable Disorder of Connective Tissue (or depending on the nature of the article we may also use the layperson term HMSs (hypermobility syndromes) as the same thing).


For more information regardng these changes, please follow this link


Version 1   Updated August 2017.  Planned review date October 2018

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