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High Profile Therapists Speak at Major International Conference

Posted By Alan Hakim, July 10, 2016

IFOMPT Glasgow 1The IFOMPT conference is a prestigious musculo skeletal physical therapy international conference which is held every four years. This year Rosemary Keer, malady Verity Pacey and Jane Simmonds were invited to host a focused symposium on advancing practice in hypermobility. The symposium attracted more than 200 IFOMPT attendees. Rosemary, physician Verity and Jane presented the current diagnostic criteria for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome – hypermobile type, buy cialis   and the approaches to assessment and management across all ages.

IFOMPT Glasgow 4The key take home messages to attendees included early recognition and the provision of holistic care.

IFOMPT Glasgow 2Congratulations are sent from the HMSA to all three of them for being invited to speak. Our thanks go to them not least for their tireless work in supporting patients with hypermobility disorders, and their support of the HMSA, but also for the extensive work they do to support and teach other health care professionals. The HMSA Office. July 2016.IFOMPT Glasgow 3



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