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HMSA are helping to recruit Dad’s to a new study in Glasgow.

Posted By HMSA Social Media Coordinator, November 29, 2018
Chronic, or long-term pain is a symptom of many illnesses and affects a significant number of children and adolescents. Chronic pain is pain that lasts for longer than six months and can be felt as varying intensities either all of the time, or can come and go at different times. Dr Joanna McParland, the study leader at Glasgow Caledonian University, is interested in the beliefs that parents have about their child’s pain condition and what they might think is unfair about this experience.
It is important to understand parental experience because as I am sure you know, pain can not only affect the person who has pain but also those who care for them, particularly parents. We have so far spoken to mothers and learned valuable information about their experiences. Feedback suggests they found discussing their experiences useful and benefitted from hearing about the experience of others. We now invite fathers or stepfathers (both referred to here as ‘father’) to participate in our study to understand their experience of living with a child who has chronic pain. This is important because the view of the father is as valuable as that of the mother and can differ from the mother’s view, yet fathers are often underrepresented in research.
As the father of a child with chronic pain, you are invited to participate in this study. Your participation in the study would remain confidential to the research team at Glasgow Caledonian University. For more information please visit and for twitter the link is .

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