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New Membership Rates

Posted By Ben Cooper, July 25, 2014

The HMSA has today released it’s new annual membership prices as follows:~

New Individual Membership – £24
Individual Membership Renewals (for 12 months) – £20

Family Membership – £30
Family Membership Renewals – £28

International Memberships are subject to an additional £9.
Concessions* 20% Discount

Please note the terms and conditions of our membership and the ways in which you can pay (ie: monthly by standing order) have not changed.

These new prices will ensure that the HMSA can continue to provide the superior membership benefits which have been introduced over the past 18 months, including: bi-annual journals, monthly e-newsletters, enhanced social media network, increased numbers of local groups throughout the country and raising awareness nationally through educating our database of medical professionals.

A full list of membership benefits and what the HMSA provides will follow shortly, and new membership prices will be available to purchase from our shop by Friday 1st August.

HMSA Emails and Spam Filters

Posted By Jen Patchett, July 22, 2014

We have received reports that some people are not receiving our emails when they have been expected, for example those booked to attend the Residential Weekend. Please check your spam and junk mail folders as some email providers are incorrectly marking some of our emails as spam. This is an issue we are trying to resolve but you can help too by checking your email folders and if you find an email from us (ending with please add it to your safe sender list.

Examples include:


to name a few PLUS your Local Group area name, eg London@ as your Local Group Leader will also regularly email with updates and invitations to meetings if you are an HMSA member.

If you see more than one email from us in your junk mail folder(s) please ensure you add the domain ( to your Safe Senders List AND add each email address too. This is because some providers only allow emails from those on your Safe Senders List and will filter out any others, even from the same place. You can usually do this by right-clicking the email in your mailbox and selecting the appropriate option to ‘add as safe sender‘ or ‘unmark as junk‘.

We appreciate the frustration this is causing and apologise for any inconvenience but we need your help to resolve the issue. If you receive an email and wish to unsubscribe please reply to the email stating this rather than marking it as junk, as doing so flags our emails as junk/spam for other users and causes problems when we have important information to share such as Residential Weekend booking confirmations.

Many thanks for your support, please contact me here if you have any queries regarding the above

Jen Patchett

HMSA Social Media Coordinator

HMSA Residential Weekend & Patient Conference 2014 – Update on Hydrotherapy, Physio, Children’s Programme and 1-1 Sessions

Posted By Jen Patchett, July 14, 2014

Important Information Regarding the Residential Weekend and Conference 2014

The following information has been emailed to all Delegates with confirmed bookings at this year’s Residential Weekend and Conference. For your convenience we have copied the email content below. Please ensure you read and return any relevant forms by the required date to ensure acceptance onto the programme.

Please complete the ‘Pre Participation Gym and Hydro Under18.’ form on behalf of your child and email it to , marked ‘FAO of Donna’ by 21st July or inform via email you will be bringing it to the weekend. This form must be returned in order to allow your child access to the programme.

If you are over 18 please complete the ‘Aquatic_Therapy_Example_Screening_sheets.’ and return as described above.

Children’s Programme

All children/adolescents will be having a session in the gym with the FA Coaches followed by a hydrotherapy session with Dr Jane Simmonds. For your information there will not be space to allow parents to accompany children into the hydrotherapy pool. If you have concerns please discuss them with Donna and Jane on the Friday evening.

The children/adolescents programme will be available in the relevant Delegate Pack on registration. It will not be emailed out prior to the event. Neither the HMSA, our Medical Advisors or  facility owners will accept liability or allow access without this form being completed.

Checking in to the Hotel

The Hilton has informed us that access to booked bedrooms is from 3pm on the 25th July 2014. The Hilton has a list of guests attending the conference. Please do not arrive at the venue before this time as your room will not be ready for check in.

Weekend Delegate Registration – Friday 25 July

  • 5pm: Registration in the Sir Bobby Robson Lobby.  Please do not arrive in this area before 5pm as staff will still be busy setting up and unable to assist you. Health and safety issues mean delegates cannot access this area whilst setting up is taking place.
  • 6.30pm: Dinner in the Ballroom. A short speech on what to expect from the weekend and an update on what the HMSA has been doing over the previous 2 years will be given at this time.
  • 8pm:  ALL parents, and those adults who are participating in hydrotherapy and/or physiotherapy must attend a screening session with Jane Simmonds and Donna Wicks. Please check your timetable in your Delegate Pack to find out if you have been able to secure a hydro or physio space.  Information on how the children’s programme will be run will also be given at this time.

Additional Information

Hydrotherapy, gym and physiotherapy sessions need mandatory physical screening beforehand. This means dependent on the results of the screening you may not be able to participate in these sessions. There is also a restriction on how many people,  and how many people dependent on the hoist, can be in the pool at the same time. This means that your timings may change, so please do not view them as ‘fixed’. Again we apologise for the inconvenience. We are sure you understand that your safety is the utmost of importance to us.

We apologise for not letting you know in advance whether you have secured a space or not but the HMSA does not have the resources to email every adult delegate separately. We request that you complete and return the form ‘in case’ of being successful. Please do not call or email requesting details of whether you have been successful in booking a space as we are unable to provide this information prior to the event. You will receive this information in your Delegate Packs which are available from 5pm registration on the Friday evening or Saturday morning as detailed below.

Day Delegates

Please email the relevant forms to Donna Wicks no later than 21st July at Please be aware that Donna will be unable to pick up emails from the 22nd July, so it is vital that you send your forms in before that date or they will not be picked up and you may be refused access to the relevant programme.

Day Delegates can register and pick up their Delegate Packs between 8.15am-9am on the 26th July 2014. Please remember the first session starts at 9am so allow plenty of time for this and for screening to allow hydrotherapy.

Important Notice

We cannot take any child or adult in hydrotherapy, gym or physiotherapy, unless we receive the completed form either by email before 21st July or in printed form on the day of registration.

And Finally…

We have an absolutely fantastic weekend planned and do hope that you enjoy your stay. We look forward to meeting you!

Best wishes,


Physiotherapy – evidence base

Posted By Donna Wicks, July 5, 2014
Have a look at the below links to see how physiotherapy may help you!
research image
Physiotherapists are clinically effective and cost effective at managing and treating patients with Musculoskeletal disorders….

Patients with MSDs are the largest patient population group treated by physiotherapists.

In 2010/11 in England, physiotherapy outpatient services managed 1.9 million adults with a first appointment and 4.8 million follow up appointments for MSDs.(1)

Rapid access to musculoskeletal physiotherapists can reduce the amount of time people are off sick and is vital in preventing a new acute problem becoming chronic and long lasting.(2)

Physiotherapists have pioneered innovative ways of providing speedy and appropriate access within existing services.

Size of the problem (6)
  • Over 200 types of MSD
  • 1 in 4 UK adults affected by chronic MSDs
  • Low back pain is reported by 80% of people at some time in their life
  • MSDs are the most common reason for repeated GP consultation
  • 60% of people on long term sick leave cite MSDs as cause

To read more click on link above.


HMSA Charity opens doors to professional members

Posted By Donna Wicks, July 2, 2014

Professional Membership – Welcome aboard!


Helper helps person join people members company groupThis section is for any professional with an interest in joining the HMSA as a ‘Professional Member’.  If you are a patient or service user please email

‘The HMSA continues to grow from strength to strength as many professionals of differing disciplines seek to become members of the charity. The HMSA is now taking Professional Membership, as it believes that having the two distinct populations of those affected by hypermobility syndromes, or Heritable Connective Tissue Disorders, can only be a long  term benefit. The two populations, professionals and service users, will intertwine via the HMSA and hopefully be a driver for changing attitudes to people who may be significantly affected and ‘dis-abled’ with persistent pain, fatigue and a host of multi-systemic symptoms. It is important to recognise the expertise of service users and their families when it comes to addressing the impact of these syndromes. Having access to a service user member database will enhance professional knowledge, awareness and also increase potential research opportunities. We hope that current HMSA members and professionals will see this as an exciting opportunity which should be grasped with two hands. Each can educate the other and in the end that can be a very powerful tool to aid change.’ Donna Wicks (HMSA CEO)


If you are interested in working with people who have one of the Hypermobility Syndromes or Heritable Connective Tissue Disorders we would like to invite you to apply to our new membership scheme. This scheme is suitable for any professional discipline, including researchers and students. The HMSA is a positive organisation which believes that education in the treatment and management of a hypermobility syndrome can help to empower patients. But we also know that many of our members are severely disabled by the condition and these members can benefit from professionals with an interest and a good knowledge base. Having an early diagnosis and advice from informed professionals can help to reduce the potential for disability and the negative impact that this can have on an individual’s life. The HMSA is globally recognised for its work in supporting people with a hypermobility syndrome. We are regularly contacted by professionals and experts from the UK and all over the world for information and advice. Becoming a HMSA Professional Member will mean you will be part of this network and be contributing to the knowledge base. We follow the latest Data Protection legislation so you can be sure that we keep your details securely and we always maintain confidentiality.  We would never release your information without prior permission.

Professional Membership 

So what benefits will professionals receive?

  • On registration each professional member will receive a sample of HMSA patient health and social care information, a certificate of membership and an official HMSA pin badge.
  • Professional members will have access for advice from qualified medical, health and social care professionals who work for or with the HMSA. Primary contacts will be Dr Alan Hakim (Chief Medical Advisor) , Ms. Donna Wicks (CEO/RMN) Mrs. Jenny Parris (Education Development Cordinator/RGN)
  • A copy of the twice yearly HMSA Journal in April and October. (Professionals can contribute to the Journal by submitting articles, case studies and research opportunities.)
  • Quarterly professional only e-newsletter. (Professionals can submit information for the HMSA to share amongst other professionals, such as study days, conferences or research studies.)
  • Additional HMSA email contact if new research or information is time sensitive.
  • Assistance with recruitment for research projects, access to non-identifying patient data, dissemination and the option of the HMSA being the ‘patient partner’.
  • Priority booking on professional and patient combined training and education opportunities.
  • Opportunity to engage HMSA professional team for learning opportunities.
  • For professional members in either NHS or private practice there is the option of having your details on a ‘contact list’ for the HMSA to use to inform patients of your services. You will need to ‘opt in’ to this on the membership form

Professional membership starts at just £48. If you would like further details please email

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