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HMSA Work In Action; Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder

Posted By Donna Wicks, February 26, 2017

Well….yesterday a very distressed mum called the HMSA for support and this is what she told us.

Her 14 year old  daughter had been regularly dislocating her elbows and  right knee without much trauma, for a couple of years since  puberty. Now Annie was scared of school in  case someone bumped into her and caused another dislocation and she was also embarrassed of being in her PE kit as she was covered in bruises with no recollection of their cause.

The tired schoolgirl has fallen asleep during reading

Her mum listened to Annie crying with persistent pain and  watched her daughter sleep on the sofa, exhausted with persistent fatigue. Over the last six months her daughter was suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms, feeling constantly sick and reluctant to eat as it caused tummy pain.  
To make things worse she had chronic constipation and was suffering from an irritable bladder leading to incontinence. Every time she stood up Annie felt exhausted and faint. Sh esuffered from palpitations and an inability to regulate her temperature.

Annie was previously very popular and a fantastic gymnast. She was a typical teenage girl to all intents and purposes. But now Annies  friends had disappeared and the local education authority were concerned about her attendance at school. Annie was depressed, isolated,living with persistent pain and a host of symptoms which her GP didnt know what to do about.

Annies Mum did some research and realised that she may have a one of the hypermobility syndromes. She called the Hypermobility Syndromes Association for advice and support.

This is a typical case of  onset in teenagers with regards to some of the hypermobilitysyndromes.

Please help us to support Annie and her mum in getting the right information, and the right services, to improve her quality of life so she can start living it again!

Just Text 70070 followed by HMSA13 £5 or an amount of your choice. Dont forget thespace between 13 and the pound sign.

Thank you for reading.

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