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Kids and Teens – Positive achievements & Sports day

Posted By HMSA Social Media Coordinator, June 22, 2018

Last week we spoke about achievements, so I thought we could think about sporting achievements, in particular sport’s day… Which is probably relevant to all of our young people at the moment.

This year is my daughter’s first sports day post-diagnosis, and unfortunately not one she will be partaking in. My daughter actually really enjoys sports (as did I many years ago – well, apart from running!!!) but unfortunately, this year, injury is preventing her from taking part. She’s disappointed, and hating all the practice sessions where she sits and reads – despite the fact she loves reading.

So to counteract the disappointment and upset, we’re focussing on past sporting achievements, non-sporting achievements and generally working on her self-esteem, as it’s definitely taken a knock. We’ve done this by making sure she has a really good book to read(!) during practice lessons, making a really big deal out of a choir concert she just performed in, as well as pointing out her perseverance and courage.

How has sport’s day gone for you guys? And how do you deal with potential sitting on the side-lines? Any extra tips would be most helpful too.

Lara Compton – Social media volunteer

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