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Kids & Teens – Distraction techniques – Lara Compton

Posted By HMSA Social Media Coordinator, June 8, 2018
Following on from last week’s pacing theme, it’s clear that our children definitely need quite a few rest breaks and some chill-out time, albeit built in, or a disguised as a clever distraction!
How do your family spend these rest breaks? Obviously, watching TV is probably high up there for a lot of us, but I like to try and avoid TOO much screen time – it can make you feel a bit stir-crazy sometimes.
In our house, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, we are great lovers of adult colouring and dot-to-dot books. My eldest is also an avid reader, so often gets lost in fantasy for a while.
During school holidays I try to find activities that we can slot into a “rest day” that allow us to pace AND have fun – for example, last week the girls went to a slime workshop, which they loved, especially seeing as slime is one of the latest crazes.
I also treat the girls to a bath bomb every few weeks – they love the avid colours and smells, and you can even get ones that pop now. Lovely smells work well in our family for perking us up if we’re feeling a bit down too.
I’m sure there’s loads of other options, I know I’d love some extra ideas, as would most of us I should imagine. So, fire away!

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