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Kids & Teens – It’s so hot!! How are your little people coping?

Posted By HMSA Social Media Coordinator, June 29, 2018

Both of mine are very grumpy and tiring extremely easily, which is of course exacerbated by the heat making it hard to sleep!

My eldest has still wanted wheat bags for her pain at night. My youngest has turned into a big, red, sweaty mess. We are eating lots of ice poles, and drinking as much as possible. There’s quite a bit of playing with the hose (and soaking the dog, but let’s not mention that bit haha).

One thing we’ve found that really helps my youngest is a cool mat. It’s filled with a cool gel – it’s quite heavenly, and was actually bought for our puppy…. You can get them in home bargains, in the pet area for about £2.99.

I suffer awfully in the heat and my favourite heat buster is a special cooling towel that I bought from Amazon. It is a silky texture with lots of little holes over the surface. You soak it, and then wave it around in the air. I then wrap it round the back of my neck, or over my feet/wrists. When it starts feeling warm, you just wave it around in the air again – amazing!!

As always, love hearing other coping tips/products, there are always things I’ve not heard of!

Lara Compton – Social media volunteer

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