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May we say… “Thank You!!”

Posted By Donna Wicks, May 31, 2016

As the International Ehlers-Danlos Symposium convened in New York at the beginning of EDS Awareness month, we asked you to speak up about the invisible effects of Ehlers-Danlos that aren’t shown in your happy snaps and holiday shots, after all if a picture can paint a thousand words it can easily hide as many more.

By the time the Symposium drew to a close on Wishbone Day we had more than enough for the whole month, so as May comes to an end we’ll put the published ones into an album and will continue to add to them over the summer. After all, EDS doesn’t disappear in June and those invisible symptoms will stick around too.

Since we have to wait a while for the Symposium’s working groups to reach conclusions we’re also seeking your thoughts on the beautiful “Accounts of HMS” launched this week by Amy-Fern Nuttall. If you haven’t got your copy yet, you can order it here.

Hypermobility wrist extension

Hypermobility wrist extension

A percentage from each sale comes to the HMSA (over a hundred of our members participated in the project, showing the human side of hypermobility syndromes) so it’s a worthwhile read, with a bunch of classy photos and all in a good cause!

While you wait for it to arrive we’ll leave you with a few of those #MayWeSay images.





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