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Posted By Donna Wicks, March 17, 2016

In addition to the benefits described in the ‘Welcome’ section of our Membership Page, we are pleased to provide you with a great package of benefits as shown below.

  • Local support groups, run by trained volunteers
  • Locally run Facebook groups (secure places to ask questions and gain valuable peer support, moderated by trained volunteers)
  • 1:1 advice from trained staff.
  • Advocacy is offered on a case by case basis. (This is not a guaranteed service as it depends on staff time and also proof of diagnosis via a medical letter.)
  • Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Bi-annual Journals – in each issue we have articles written by our Medical Advisors and other members of the association, keeping our members informed of current progress in the world of Hypermobility Syndromes
  • Educational Support Facebook group (run by teachers, OTs, nurses, physios) for parents to get advice on accessing the support available to their child.
  • 10% Discount to all HMSA members when hiring products through Wheelfreedom the UK’s leading wheelchair hire and mobility scooter hire company.
  • Advice from specialist insurance advisors at the ‘Special Risks Bureau’ (a business experienced in covering hypermobility syndromes) on products such as Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Income Protection and Private Medical Insurance. Discounts may be available on some products. Tel: 0808 17 82 777 and quote HMSA or visit:

Notice of amendment (published 17th March 2016):
Having carried out a review of their discounted agreements, Peta-UK have advised us that no use has been made of the discounted product code offered to HMSA members between the date it was first implemented (01/10/14) and the review date of 30/11/15.
Peta are keen to remain our affiliated partners and have therefore agreed that the HMSA can purchase some of the products it manufactures, at a marginally discounted rate to sell in our online shop, in order to help raise much needed funds for the charity.
We are working hard to bring members a replacement discount benefit.


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