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Hypermobility Syndromes Awareness Week – #HMSAware

Posted By FLICK MCLUCKIE, February 25, 2018


The Hypermobility Syndromes Association’s Annual Awareness Week (enveloping Rare Disease Day) aims to draw attention to the various medical conditions which can cause, or be caused by hypermobility and the wide ranging impact they can have on an affected individual’s general health. We support the patient population, their caregivers, educators,  and professionals treating this hypermobile population with Information Standard accredited health and social care information about these conditions, their individual characteristics and strategies that can be used to alleviate the symptoms which to so many of us are oh so familiar.

The HMSA is run almost entirely by volunteers from across the UK working remotely to provide information and support to our members online, via our Local Groups Network and through our various events, campaigns and education programmes the wider public and medical professionals.

You can contribute to our current “Giving GPs The Tools’ Campaign (we’re busily working on stage two of this project, based on the HMSA’s Kent Model) by texting “HMSA13 £5” or “HMSA13 £10” to 70070 or via

You can purchase our literature, merchandise and membership at – for the duration of the campaign you can get 10% off membership (of all kinds) using the code HMSAware10 at checkout!

Stay tuned for launch day – Monday 26th February, and/or follow @HMSACharity on on our various social media channels – we’ll be using the hashtag #HMSAware and this handy profile pic if you want to join in the fun. 🙂

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