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Posted By Donna Wicks, July 4, 2017

The Kent Hypermobility Network Web Page


Dear colleagues, welcome to the Kent Hypermobility Network webpage.

Here you will find all the resources related to the 2016/2017 masterclasses and also material and advice you need to enhance your knowledge in order to improve your patient’s journey and to help us spread the word through education.

Hypermobility has been described as one of the most neglected of medical disorders and we are here to change that by creating a network, county by county using existing resources. This initiative focuses mainly on hypermobility spectrum disorder.

I wanted to emphasise the Kent Wide multidisciplinary nature of the network which is currently growing from Ashford and aims to link hypermobility informed and friendly professionals and volunteers. Our lead Volunteer is Nikki Paiba, based in Maidstone.

I would encourage you to use these resources to improve your knowledge and when you are ready, set up your own departmental meetings. If you need help we (the HMSA) are here.

You can find out more about myself and other excellent medical advisors here.

Summary of the project

Donna, our CEO, has written an excellent summary of the project which can be accessed here.

Here are the resources available to you:


Videos from the masterclasses are available to you via links to YouTube:

From the October 2016 masterclass:

From the March 2017 Masterclass:

“Meeting in a Box”

All the materials you need to do a local meeting!



You may wish to use ‘on the table’ and to take away:

With all of this resource combined with the wealth of ‘information assured’ material on the website, this will put you in a position to go out and talk to colleagues, and with our help, to develop your own local network.

Are you worried about your presentation skills or want to enhance them? There are a lot of resources out there, and I found Michael Trigg’s website helpful…it’s important to speak with passion!

*Note that all of the above is made available to you to help spread the knowledge and is not for reproduction or publication other than in circumstances appropriate to professional education meetings. Please let us know when you are planning a session so that we can keep a record.

The Care Web

This is our who’s who of hypermobile friendly doctors and therapists, i.e. those who have an interest and understanding of the conditions in order to make sure that the right things happen, with the intention of making an early diagnosis and to put an end to wasted consultations.

Quick links


What’s next

We will be meeting with all local paediatricians later in the year to optimise the paediatric and adolescent pathways. This will be facilitated by myself and Alan.

Developing physiotherapist’s skills is one of the main priorities, so keep an eye out for Jane’s masterclass program.

The One Hospital on the William Harvey Hospital site have offered to host our patient meetings and CPD for GP’s, which will be organised by Nikki Paiba and myself.

Finally…don’t forget that this is about optimising the patient journey and demedicalising through greater patient understanding. Please comment to myself if you have any great ideas that you want to share! The content of this page will be updated regularly.

Grateful thanks to the HMSA team and to the William Harvey Hospital Education centre,  particularly Lara Pimblett, Senior Administrator, and Jonathan Powe our AV technician.

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