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This month’s theme is Hobbies and Achievements!

Posted By HMSA Social Media Coordinator, June 15, 2018

This month’s theme is Hobbies and Achievements! Accomplishments, albeit within school, or within a hobby or sport, can mean so much more to our children living with hypermobility and/or a related co-morbidity. I know for one that my daughter has been pretty down at times over the past year. She’s had more injuries than I can count – but, when she got 94% in her LAMDA exam (drama) I was proud as punch, and so was she. Her face could have lit up the world that day. She also performed in a west-end theatre with her drama club a few years ago! We are extremely lucky that her club are so accommodating. She spent most of the autumn term on crutches, but they adapted the end of term show and very much followed her lead, and still do. I’m very interested to hear what hobbies and your children and teens do, and any accomplishments that have had you beaming ear to ear – I bet there’s a few unusual ones! 😊

Lara Compton – Social media Volunteer

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